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MAG CHEM supply high-quality magnesium hydroxide slurry for use in various industrial applications


Application of Mag-S in wastewater treatment


Now struvite is being formed in the MAP reactor and the side stream contains less P and N.

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Odor and Corrosion Control

Sulfides and sulphates in wastewater pass into toxic hydrogen sulfide H2S. Thionic bacteria living on the surfaces of reinforced concrete structures convert hydrogen sulfide into caustic sulfuric acid, which causes corrosion of equipment (can destroy the industrial pump in 6 months) and even destruction of sewer vaults.

Solution is to feed the Mag-S at the upstream locations of a sewer network to adjust the pH of incoming wastewaters to 9.

Magnesium hydroxide reduces the sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) activity in sewer biofilm by 30–50%, while completely suppressing methane production as well*.

Thus there is no evolution of H2S and methane in the gas phase – no odor at WWTP and no corrosion in sewer system.
Wastewater coming to WWTP already with adjusted pH and ready for biological treatment 15–45% savings in chemical consumption are expected.

Application of Mag-S in the Palm Oil Mill Effluent Treatment Process

Application of Mag-S in marine exhaust gas cleaning systems

Heavy marine fuel oil, also known as bunker fuel, has a high sulphur content. During combustion, the sulphur is converted into sulphur dioxide, or SO2. On January 1, 2020, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Regulations 2020 entered into effect.

The Regulations, which apply globally limit the sulphur content to clean ship exhaust gases. As the use of open-loop scrubbers is prohibited in many countries’ territorial waters, scrubbers using hybrid and closed-loop systems are the most popular choice. These devices use an alkaline water solution to neutralize acidic sulphur oxide gases. of marine fuel to 0.5% by mass in order to decrease emissions by ships. To avoid penalties, ship owners must comply with one of three options: switch to expensive low
sulphur fuel, fit their ships with new engines that run on natural gas, or continue to use fuel with a high sulphur content in their ships but clean the exhaust gases.

Marine exhaust gas cleaning systems


Magnesium hydroxide slurry can be used as a liquid absorber of acid gases like SOx, NOx, HCl in the wet scrubber systems at:

  • ➢ Power plants operating with coal (SOx)
  • ➢ Metallurgical plants (SOx)
  • ➢ Waste incineration plants (in general the mix of SOx and HCl)

Flue gas desulphurization with magnesium hydroxide/ CCM is very popular in Asian region especially in China, Japan,
South Korea and US.

The byproduct in this case is magnesium sulphate fertilizer instead of gypsum via hydrated lime technology.

Main Advantages

  • Is a natural eco-friendly product with an acceptable level of CO2

  • Predictably increases pH and alkalinity creating a buffering effect

  • Precipitates heavy metals

  • Reduces phosphates and COD

  • Reduces odor, prevents corrosion of water treatment systems

  • Is safe for handling, non-toxic, non-corrosive