Mag Chemical

Mag Chemical Pte Ltd (MAG CHEM) was incorporated in June 2022 as a wholly owned subsidiary under Sanli Environmental Ltd Group. Mag Chem is a stockist and retailer of Mg(OH)2 powder (Brucite) for Asia region.

MAG CHEM supplies high-quality magnesium hydroxide slurry for use in various industrial applications in industries such as environmental protection, flame retardant, pulp and paper, and pharmaceutical. Magnesium hydroxide slurry is used, amongst other things, in exhaust cleaning systems, for the treatment of wastewater and gases, to yield more biogas to decompose waste from factories, and to neutralize heavy metals in wafer plants.

MAG CHEM owns a production plant in the west of Singapore to manufacture ready-to-use magnesium hydroxide slurry in various concentrations. Magnesium hydroxide slurry can be supplied in IBC or ISO Tanker containers to any location in Singapore.

MAG CHEM has in-house process engineers who are well versed in the application of magnesium hydroxide slurry for various environmental engineering purposes. They are committed to assisting customers to improve safe chemical handling and process optimization to meet environmental discharge limits. Our operation team is proficient to prepare high-quality magnesium hydroxide slurry to meet the customer’s demand on a 24/7 basis.

We strive to be your trusted and reliable partner to serve your process needs.

Our Vision

To become a leading innovator to provide environmental solutions for global sustainability needs

Our Mission

To develop sustainable chemicals through innovation, provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to address global climate change challenges.

Our Core Values

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